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How to find gaming jobs online

How to find gaming jobs online is a free ebook that was written by an expert gamer. With sixty-two pages of detailed information to cover, persons interested in gaming will be informed how to navigate the gaming industry.

The book also contains quite a number of resources that gamers can use to succeed.

This book is easily valued at $49.99 USD. However, we have provided it at no cost to you, as our valued subscriber.

What you will learn in our find gaming jobs online ebook

You will learn:

Chapter 1: How Do Professional Gamers Make Money?
Chapter 2: Different Ways Of Making Money With Esports.
Chapter 3: How To Make It In Esports.
Chapter 4: Careers In Esports.
Chapter 5: Get Sponsorship
Chapter 6: Twitch
Chapter 7: Youtube
Chapter 8: Game Testing
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